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Renewable Energy

Common Informations about generation of electricity with renewable Energy

Which possibilities of renewable energy do we know so far?

* Sun solar cells
* Water water power-plants
* Wind windmills
* Wood direct heating, Pellets
* Biogas biogas power-plants
* Geotherm heat-exchanger of any kinds

 Out of all these possibilities we focus our work mainly on two kinds of renewable enregies:

  •  HHO Gas, Water electrolysis

Please bare with us, that we can NOT publish more details about this project yet, due to our Patent registering procedure. 
But please come back to check...




Pro and Cons




  • Terrestrial heat / Geotherm
    With terrestrial heat the geothermal Power-plant is producing electricity. This kind of power generation is usable on a longterm future.



Within a geotherm Power-plant, as with a steam power plant, water vapour or steam of another evaporatable medium is used, in order to propel a turbine. The water is led by a cooling tower into a deep underground container, in which it evaporates by the warmth of the interior of the earth. The water vapour produced now rises up to the earth surface and propels a turbine, which now under assistance of a generator produces the electricity.
Afterwards the water vapour goes back into the cooling tower and becomes water again.


pro- and Cons

The probably most important advantage of this kind of the generation of electricity is in the terrestrial heat. If it  would be used meaningfully and on a broad area, then the world-wide current consumption could be covered for at least over 100,000 years.
Additionally the Geotherm is extremely environmental friendly, specially in the aspect of the CO2 emmission. The disadvantage is based in the fact that underground tensions could often be released by the building of geothermal Power-plants and can release earthquakes.